Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Panda cardigan! Toddler jumper refashion

My little girl is nuts about most animals, but at the moment she is quite keen on pandas. It's bound to change by tomorrow. But she had an old black jumper which just seemed to be just waiting for a funeral, so it made me sad, and I had to turn it into something else...

Here it is before....
Funeral anyone?

OK, so I cut up the front to make it into a cardigan...
I love this part - snip!
Then stitched on some white lace (sticking with the black and white theme see...) and attached a big black button and popper on the back. Can I just say I did this in about 10 minutes so it's not my finest work! You've got to make sure the stitching catches all of the fiddly jumper edge so that it doesn't fray.

OK, so that was the front. And I decided because it was a v-neck, the panda would have to go on the back as there was more space.
Sooooo, then I cut some panda face shapes out of t-shirt material and stuck them on the back with bonda/wunda webby stuff.
You COULD use a template.
 Ironed the panda face on, stitched around, added buttons for eyes, and there you go! Panda cardigan! With a black and white girly front :)
Am tempted to have a little panda on the front too...
Granny chic!