Monday, 14 January 2013

Refashion: Toddler Tights into Mittens

So, turns out I am a terrible mother.
We went out for a walk yesterday and Daphne nearly froze. She refused to wear her gloves, and we stayed out too long, and she was like an ice block when we got home. This NEVER happens. Even when she was a tiny, delicate newborn she never got cold, she only ever OVER heats normally. It saves us a fortune on the heating bill, as I'm too scared to put it on in case she overheats and starts puking. It happens!

ANYWAY, when I found myself chucking out a load of her too-small tights this morning, I decided they should go into my "corner". I have claimed a corner of our dining room as my own, and it is now an immaculate, efficient sewing workspace (junk-filled, ribbon-tripwired, needley-haystack Nic-haven). I decided to make Daphne a pair of special mittens. Ones which were long so they could go up her arm and keep out the draughts (and be super-hard to take off) AND they had to appeal to her in some way so I could be all high-drama enthusiastic about how COOL it would be to wear them! (she totally falls for this stuff).

Soooooo.... as she is obsessed with ballerinas at the moment, or "beeneras" to you and I, I had to have a go at that.

Numero Uno: Cut off the feet of the tights, making them as long as you like. Then cut two thumb shapes, you can use an old mitten for measuring/ positioning but even if you guess it should be fine as the stretchy material makes them quite forgiving :)

Next you cut a hole where the thumb is going to go (basically on the back of the foot), Turn both pieces inside out, sew up the thumb shape and then attach it around the hole. It's a bit fiddly but again due to the knit of the fabric you can be quite slovenly like me and it shouldn't show up much.
When you turn it back inside out it should look like a mitten! This is not my finest work! But this a quick project on the spur of the moment....

Sew some lace and ribbon around the middle for a makeshift "tutu"- HINT: stretchy lace would be great here. Then try your best to sew a cute girly face on- eyelashes essential.
A wee bow on her head and here is my beenera mitten! Daphne DOES have two hands unfortunately, so I will have to make the other mitten, but it's past my bedtime now... Maybe I should make a man-friend for the beenera for the other hand...

*Drifts off into a slumber of beeneras in love....*

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