Thursday, 14 February 2013

How Attitudes Change

It occurred to me last night, as I turned away to giggle silently, watching Daphne lick her DVDs, that my attitude as a mum has changed significantly.

When she was a tiny newborn, my approach was mostly "I'm terrified, how do I keep this alive?". Every little thing was a threat to her little delicate life, and the world entirely revolved around her. Doctor on speed dial. Phrases to describe our life in the first year were:
  • "Better to be safe than sorry"
  • "You can't be too careful"
  • "Why risk anything"
  • "Fear the worst"
Into the second year, we chilled out slightly, she could escape the cat (although actively chose to engage in combat) and didn't appear to be allergic to anything. She'd had a few falls, a few illnesses, and bounced back, sometimes literally. Attitudes changed to:

  • "She has to learn for herself"
  • "A bit of dirt won't hurt"
  • " Let's see how she is in the morning"
  • "Turn a blind eye"
Now she is 2. Or 28 months if you still breastfeed, haha. That is definitely weird, by the way. Most days she has at least one tantrum, puts at least two foreign objects into orifices, and hits at least one person, animal or completely innocent toy.  Now my attitude is:

  • "Just let her get on with it"
  • "If she's quiet, just leave her alone!"
  • "It'll clear up by itself"
And of course "Turn a blind eye" has evolved into "purposefully look in the opposite direction".

I admit I am slow on the uptake and most parents probably reach phase 3 within the first year!
Ok I'd better go now, Daph has been squashing raisins into her playdough and tasting it for a bit TOO long...

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